best fishing pole for the money

Best Fishing Pole for the Money

The best fishing pole for the money is a pole that is used to target a large variety of fish species.

The type of rod you need varies by species, hence you will need to know your target species before picking out your pole.

A medium weight rod will likely be your best option to target the most popular species, and certainly the largest variety of fish, too.

If you will be fishing for pan fish, make sure you get a graphite shaft. Graphite is more sensitive to the fish biting. Consequently, without a graphite rod you cannot feel a pan fish, like a bluegill, when they bite.

best fishing pole for the money bluegill

The PENN Inshore rods are a great value for the money. They are medium duty rods with both spinning and casting options. (Check price on Amazon:

The PENN Allegiance is an old model. Fishing pole designs from past seasons can be found for up to 20% less than current models.

Best Fishing Reel for the Money

Obviously, the reel you put on your rod needs to match in quality.

Hands down, the best fishing reel for the money is the Shimano SLX Baitcasting Reel. For under $100 (Check current price on Amazon: you’re getting a reel that competes with those in the $300+ range.

best reel for the money
Shimano SLX

Now that you have your rod and reel, its time to catch some fish. With this setup you are in a perfect position to go after bass.

Good news too! Bass are a very popular fish species that can be caught almost anywhere.

There are multiple species of bass for you to target. First in popularity is the Large Mouth Bass. Not far behind are the Small Mouth Bass and Striped Bass.

Walleye, Pike and large Trout species are also safe to catch on the setup above.

Even Catfish will be a breeze to bring in with the combination of PENN rod and Shimano reel.

Showing up with these fishing poles will give you instant credibility with fellow anglers.

Best Rod and Reel Combo for the Money

If the Penn rod and Shimano reel are still outside your budget, definitely give the Shimano FX Spin Reel. This is the most affordable rod and reel combo coming in under $20. (Check current price on Amazon:

Shimano FX Spin Reels won’t help you bring in a trophy fish, but above all it is an affordable combo that will be capable of catching fish.

The best fishing pole for the money is the one you can afford.

Best Fishing Line for the Money

While on the topic of the best value for your fishing gear, we would be remiss if we don’t mention fishing line.

Above all, your fishing line will literally make or break your experience on the water.

All of our strength tests indicate SpiderWire as the strongest fishing line on the market.

The strongest version of the SpiderWire line is the braided superline. If you’re fishing clear water you need to avoid braided line.

best fishing line for the money

If you are fishing clear water the line to use is fluorocarbon because of its low visibility. Fluorocarbon is also a very sensitive line to help you pick up on bites.

line for best fishing pole for the money

If you can’t stomach the price of Fluorocarbon, but want to keep a fishing line with low visibility look at mono filament.

The price is right, but you sacrifice some quality. Mono filament is known to stretch. Don’t be afraid to cut your line often to keep the line in the water fresh.

best fishing line brand
Mono Filament

Of the these three options, mono filament is the all around best fishing line for the money.

Best Fishing Pole Holders for the Money

Looking for a way to transport your new fishing pole? Consider an option like the one pictured below. These straps connect in the same place you hang your laundry when leaving the dry cleaner.

fishing pole holder for cars

If you need a fishing pole holder from the bank, a free option is to use a stick. Find a stick in the shape of a ‘Y’ and poke it into the ground. Then lean your rod up against it.

If you are fishing with high end gear, consider a professional grade fishing pole holder like the one pictured below.

The best way to store your fishing poles at home is with a wall mount. Its cheap, and won’t take up any space in your garage or storage area. For less than $20 you can store six fishing poles. That makes a wall mount the best fishing pole holder for the money.

For slightly more money you can get a carousel style fishing rod holder. Those models always remind me of the carousel holding pool sticks at the local watering hole.

Fishing Rod Prices by Material

Bamboo fishing poles can be the cheapest and most expensive poles in their class. A cane pole made of bamboo is a simple rod with string tied to the end. Its one of the cheapest fishing poles you can buy.

Cane poles are made for fishing off the end of the dock. You don’t have any line to cast, so being able to drop straight down is your only option.

Fly rods made of bamboo can run several hundred dollars. They are similar to cane poles in length, but that is where the similarities end.

fly fishing pole prices

Fiberglass rods are going to be the cheapest fishing pole material overall. You can get spinning rods, baitcasting rods and even fly rods made from fiberglass.

Fiberglass rods do not give the end user as much feel as their graphite counterparts, but they are strong and have some of the best designs.

cheapest fishing pole for the money fiberglass

The graphite rod shown below is an entry level rod, and has a price tag north of $100. The benefits of these expensive rods can be questionable.

Graphite makes it easier to feel the fish bite, but that extra feel can be negated by putting a cheap mono filament line on your reel.

At the end of the day, the best fishing pole for the money is the one that allows you to get out on the water to fish.

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